Japanese tour promo - here she comes 50 megatons! 

Look out! In 3 weeks Catzilla returns to Japan to unveil their debut album and perform at the Back From The Grave Halloween Ball.  "CATZILLA! Here she's comes like an atom bomb 50 megatons!" From the band's debut album.

Catzilla will perform at 30th Back From The Grave Halloween Ball in Tokyo! 

As part of the band's Japanese album launch tour, Catzilla will be performing at the legendary Back From The Grave Halloween Ball in Tokyo on 26 October. For this special 30th anniversary event there will be over 50 bands from the the Japanese rockin' garage scene along with a number of international acts including The Mummies!

Catzilla support Kid Congo Powers 

Kid Congo Powers - guitarist with the Gun Club, Cramps, Bad Seeds and many more, heads back "down under" for more Aussie dates with his current band The Pink Monkey Birds and CATZILLA is opening for them in Perth. Our very own guitarist Andy "Razor Jack" interviewed him on Friday 13th (when else!) and you can check it out right here.